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Hain Steibach

Haim Steibach (1944-) Nasceu em Rehovot, Israel. Em 1957, fixou-se em Nova York. Graduou-se pelo Pratt Institute, Brooklin. Antes da formatura, passou um ano em França, estudando na Université d'Aix Marseille. Ao retornar, completou o curso e obteve o título de Mestre pela Yale University, New Haven. Começou com pintura. Trabalha com objetos do dia a dia tentando redefinir o status do objeto na arte. A grande maioria dos seus trabalhos é apresentada em pequenas estantes pregadas na parede. Influenciado pelo Surrealismo e por Cézanne. Um belo currículo com participação da Documenta de Kassel e nas Bienais de Sidnei e Veneza, 1993/1997. Retrospectiva no Guggenheim Museum, Nova York. Vive e trabalha em Nova York. Atualmente individual na Serpentine Gallery, Londres. É representado pela White Cube Gallery, Londres. Foto: François Marie Banier.
Figure, 2014. Serpentine Gallery, Londres.
 Sem título, 2014. Serpentine Gallery
London Taxi, 2013.

Double Decker Bus, 2013.
Perfume Bottle, 2013. White Cube Gallery, Londres.
Travel, 2013.
Chinese Headrest, 2013. White Cube Gallery, London.
Black Sneakers, 2013.

 Navy Legacy, 2012. Galerie Laurent Godin.

Ball, 2012. Galerie Laurent Godin.
Spanish Dancer, 2011.
Creatures, 2011.
Wild Things, 2011.

Robot Poetry, 2011.

Sem título (Chanel Boz, Snowmen) 2008.

Military Theme, 2008.

Thirteen Pigs, 2008. Galerie Laurent Gogin, Paris.

Family Ties, 2007. Zabudovicz Collection, Londres.

Six Feets Under, 2006.

Guns and Hats, 2008.

Grates Victorian Iron Banks. 1990.

Locks, Friar and  Sister, 1987. Tate Gallery, Londres.

Ultra red, 1986. Guggenheim Museum, Nova York

Sem título


Haim Steinbachhello. again. 2014
Silk screen, found text on wallpaper
50 x 50 cm
Edition of 50
£360 (incl. VAT)

Haim Steinbach (born Israel, 1944) is an influential exponent of art based on already existing objects. Emigrating and settling in New York in 1957, Steinbach's art has been focused on the selection and arrangement of found, made and everyday objects since the late 70's.

In order to enhance their interplay and resonance with the viewer, Steinbach builds arrays of plinths and structures that serve as framing devices, on and into which his carefully selected objects are placed.

The objects Steinbach uses range from the natural to the ordinary, the artistic to the ethnographic. Exploring the psychological, aesthetic, cultural and ritualistic aspects of objects as well as their context, Steinbach radically redefines the status of the object in art.

Steinbach also collects words, phrases and statements that he ‘sees as objects’. For his Limited Edition, he has produced a work that uses an existing phrase found in advertising, silkscreened over patterned wallpaper. Allowing the words and image, now removed from their original context, to be seen anew, Steinbach creates a playful tension between the two elements with an elegant simplicity of means.

Steinbach’s work is in numerous museum collections including the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, as well as the Stedelijk Museum, Castello di Rivoli, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Tate Modern. He exhibited at Documenta 9 (1992), and his work has also been included in the Venice Biennale (1993, 1997, and 2001). Steinbach lives and works in Brooklyn and San Diego.

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